Jan 022016

New Game

Checkers. It was my life-game. Safe, familiar, and homey. I was good at it, too.

I thought, Sweet! God has put me in a game that I’m good at!

And the game was predictable. It had its rules, and I knew them. Sure, occasionally the board got bumped and spilled, but the pieces would line back up and the game would go on.

And then… bam. God changed the game.

There are still constants – like the board – remaining a grid of alternating squares – but the pieces are all different. Knights, Rooks, Bishops, Queens. The Kings stand tall and lean instead of short and round. Chess is a different world.

I begin to question all of my moves, past and future. I look down, all around, and it seems familiar and yet entirely new.

Sometimes I feel excited. I like change! Variety makes life fun and interesting! New pieces! New discoveries!

But sometimes I feel sad. I miss the old familiar double-jumps and “king-me’s.”

And then, especially late at night, I can feel overwhelmed. So many choices, decisions, and rules to learn.

I didn’t have time to play Checkers right. How am I ever going to get this new game down?


Too much allegory? Ok, how about this:

Last year, we switched jobs, school groups, doctors, friends, ministries, extra-curricular activities, and more, but the biggest change of all was with our church. (And if you know me, you know that I wouldn’t just jump churches like a squirrel jumps to a nearby branch, simply because the acorns look better.)

No, this year felt more like God picked up my checker piece, legs dangling, kicking a bit (a lot) and spilling a few (buckets of) tears, and placed it on a different game board. And now that I’ve landed, wow, I don’t quite have my bearings, and it’s all so great and mysterious and exciting, and yet a bit unsettling too.

This isn’t the first time God’s “changed the game” in my life.

  • Illnesses
  • Business Busts
  • Moves
  • Accidents
  • Friendship Fiascoes
  • Kids’ Changes and Challenges

The rules of life do have a lot of changes. It’s just that 2015 seemed like a lot-a lot, you know?

But hey, here’s to 2016!

Maybe you’ve graduated, had a baby, started a job, gotten a diagnosis, or lost something precious. How has your game board changed? Does 2016 look different than you imagined it would? Let’s chat about it.

And now – I’m off to learn the rules of chess, thankful that God is guiding my play-book.

Here’s to opening an entire closet of board games in 2016!

Lots of love, and Happy New Year!



  10 Responses to “2016 is a whole new game. Play on!”

  1. Wonderful blog. You know me though, I don’t like change very much. Sure, I switched jobs quite a bit for awhile, but always because it seemed the right thing to do. What will 2016 hold? I don’t know. I just rest in HIM and HE will guide.

  2. Wow. Love the way you describe things! Excited to see what “chess” has for you this year. Hope I get to play a few games of chess with you!!

  3. God has walked us through so many changes since 2007. We have had our moments of “why”, ‘how long”, and “what now,Lord”, but through it all we knew that we must cling to Him, be still, and trust in His Word. Many times this is so much easier to say or even write down, but to daily surrender to His “game” plan has been a challenge. 2016 has begun in the midst of physical recovery, and accepting limitations from accident in October, 2014. Praying and believing that we can move forward, as we determine what it is that God wants us to do. Surrendering to that still small voice. Choosing to not allow the past to frustrate, anger or hold us back; but it is a daily surrender, at times a moment by moment decision. We choose to know and recognize His presence.

    • Becky Emerick

      It was so nice to catch up a bit at the baby shower. Daily surrender is so true! Glad to be in this “good fight” with you. 🙂

  4. Beautifully said. Hard to do! A cattle-prodder comes to mind!

  5. Hey Lee & Becky
    I really enjoyed “bumping into you” at Flap Jacks on this Saturday morning. I am unexpectedly taking care of Baher Malek the whole day. I would really enjoy meeting you folks very soon and visiting. gldmfennimore@yahoo.com or 317-840-0586. I have an job interview again at Dow-Agro this Monday, hoping again! Thanks Becky!!

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