About Becky Emerick


About Becky Emerick

Becky Emerick is an author, teacher, director, actress, and home schooling mom of four children. She likes to write whenever she has a moment that isn’t occupied with answering questions, wiping down the counters, and fighting laundry.

Home Life

Becky spends most of her days teaching the kids, playing board games, cleaning up after everyone, and feeding growing tummies. In her free time, she loves to read and browse creative ideas on Pinterest. Date nights with her fireman husband/high school sweetheart are essential on the calendar! Laughing is just about her favorite hobby – a good joke or well-played story is always encouraged!



Becky has published two books: Duncan’s Journey, a children’s devotional through Psalm 23, and Surrender, a coming-of-age historical fiction novel set in the early 1800’s. She has also published numerous devotionals, scripts, and guides for families.

While teaching drama at Wisdom Builders, a home school club, Becky has written three original plays: “The Captain’s Call,” “The Prince’s Bride,” and “Lights, Camera, Christmas!” As a drama director for College Park Church for fifteen years, she also wrote dozens of plays and skits for Sundays and special services.

Becky has been blogging since 2007 on her own website and has been a guest-blogger on other sites numerous times. She covers topics such as creative parenting, book reviews, prayer ideas, and practical theology.


Becky is a teacher at Wisdom Builders, an educational group for home schooled families. She specializes in public speaking, drama, performing arts, and creative writing. She also teaches Sunday School at her church, Traders Point Christian Church.


Becky is the elementary and middle school drama director at Wisdom Builders Home School Group. She directed “Alice@Wonderland” by Jonathan Yukich and wrote and directed “The Captain’s Call” and “Lights, Camera, Christmas!” She is currently running rehearsals for a production she wrote called “The Prince’s Bride.”

Becky also directed a Worship Arts Camp for over one hundred children three summers in a row. The students worked all week to perform a full-length musical. Their first production was “Ants’hillvania” by Jimmy and Carol Owens. She also wrote and directed the musicals “Our God Hears” and “The Love of the King.”


Becky is a certified Biblical Counselor with ACBC. She believes that Jesus, God’s Son, died and rose again to save us from our sins, and that the Word of God has been given to us to show us how to live as children of His kingdom.


Becky Emerick has acted in commercials and industrial films since high school with The Helen Wells Talent Agency. She also is a speaker for local MOPS groups.

Writing and Acting have been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. At six years old, Becky would charge the neighbor kids 10 cents to come and see her plays on her parents’ deck. She wrote her first novel in sixth grade, and her English teacher had the kindness and patience to read it.


Becky hopes to inspire others to apply the Word of God in their lives in practical, yet creative, ways.

“Theology isn’t just for Pastors – it’s for everyone!”

Becky Emerick Growing Up