Aug 012012
Words for Wednesdays

A shy girl stranded all alone amidst a tribe of headhunters in the Philippines.

Action movie? No. Amazing biography.

The story of Joanne Shetler’s life as written in And the Word Came with Power fills you with awe about our amazing God and His Word. As a missionary with Wycliffe to the Balangao people in the Philippines, she witnessed events that inspire us even now.

According to the Wycliffe website, about 350 million people today still do not have any Scripture in their language. How many Bibles do I have on my shelves, not to mention on my kids’ shelves? Then add in my iphone with its ever-ready translations and commentaries – we are so rich!

I read this book out loud to my kids, and they begged me to keep reading. “Just one more chapter, mom. Please!”

I’d recommend putting it on your “must read” list. This isn’t a dry biography. It’s a challenging adventure we were privileged to step into.

“And beside, I’ve never quite figured out just how to bring God glory. But I have learned to surrender my dreams to him. And he has made the reality of living according to his plan even better than my greatest dreams.” — Joanne Shetler, page 164

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  1. Joanne Shetler spoke at Check-IT-Out, which I attended in March of 2011. It was a conference to find out how God was using Technology to provide His word to 2000+ languages without it. It was quite inspiring and one of the reasons I continued to look into being a missionary with Wycliffe.

    Chris Hubbard
    Language Software Developer
    Wycliffe Bible Translators

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