Are You In?

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Apr 162015

Are You In

With two middle school daughters, friendship is a big topic for our late night conversations.

Last night, we were observing how there are numerous situations in life where girls (of all ages) can feel like they’re on the outside. There are neighbors who plan events without you. A couple of friends seem to spend a lot of time together and have inside jokes. There are girls at youth group who see each other at different school functions you aren’t a part of. Other kids are connected through sports. The list could go on.

As grown-ups, we aren’t immune to feeling on the outside. We see a group of moms chatting on the other side of the room or notice Facebook events we weren’t invited to, and though we can label them cliques or small groups or friendships – the reality is, this feeling of being on the outside has the potential to overwhelm us everywhere.

And my wise daughter asked, “But is there really an ‘in’ at all?”

And we paused the discussion.

Is there an “in?”

Not “in” as in popularity. More like “in” as in belonging, being a part of.

We began listing all of the things we are a part of that could make us “in,” even though we’d never, ever think of it that way. What does it look like to be on the “outside” of what we’d never even consider an “in” at all?

So big idea #1:

“In” doesn’t really exist.

It’s just a perception. There’s just a “where you are.” We all need to be all in wherever we are, rather than looking longingly at the places we wish we were. Because when we get to the “in” where we wanted to be, we might find out there isn’t an “in” there after all. It’s just a different place.

Ready for big idea #2?

We can be “in” Christ.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

II Corinthians 5:17

Being “in Christ” is our ultimate location! It’s the place to be. It’s the crowd to hang with.

And when we’re in Him, then wherever we are is “in.”

So enjoy thinking along those lines today. Let me know if you have any other big ideas of your own about friendships!


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