Jul 192016

edgereviewReading Edge of Eternity by Randy Alcorn was a sigh of relief in a world gone mad. A modern day Pilgrim’s Progress, Randy takes us on a fantasy-world journey through a man’s upside down life and pumps us with hope of what is to come.

I had many favorite moments with the main character while discovering the meaning of the strange new world he woke up in. Here are a few quotes I took the time to highlight:

Was all my life only a split second removed from the long tomorrow, a heartbeat away from the great beyond?”

“At moments Charis (eternity) will seem close to you; sometimes it will seem impossibly far. But every day on the red road you will be one day closer to it. I am building a home for you. I’ll be there to welcome you when you arrive.”

“I’d grown bone-weary of playing God. It was a big job, and I’d finally discovered I was too small to pull it off. It was hard to abdicate the throne — but what a relief now that I had.”

“Perhaps I didn’t really want to climb the mountain after all. I simply wanted to have climbed it, accomplishment without struggle.”

“You will stand before the Audience of one,” Marcus said. “Men’s opinions of you will not matter to you then. Knowing that, why do they matter so much to you now?”

And I’ll end with one more. It’s my favorite. The main character is talking, and then you hear the reply of the one he is talking with:

I do long for Charis,” I said. “But there are things I’d like to do before I arrive. I want to do more, make a difference, play my part, find my role in the story.”

And he replied, “Each character is placed in a setting by the novelist; each expands or contracts his part through the choices he makes. Play your part gladly, but do not waste your time trying to make your role more important. The more a player in the drama elevates his part, the less he fulfills it.”


If these quotes intrigue you, then please, make Edge of Eternity the next book on your reading list.

Jul 142016
My Daughters are Authors! :)

My daughters are authors! I’m super excited to announce that as of this summer, we have 2 new authors in the house! (Cheers! Applause! Streamers and Balloons!) Both of my girls worked ridiculously hard and completed a novel during the school year. Then they went through the painstakingly agonizing (yet exciting) editing and publishing process. […]

Jul 132016
Are you truly glad?

Life is a mess, nationally and personally, but even in the midst of chaos, we can be truly glad. What are you waiting expectantly for? A raise? A vacation? A day of peace and quiet? New government leaders who can fix all our problems? (Ha… keep waiting.) Friends, we are to be waiting expectantly for […]

May 202016
The Giver and the Power of Choice

Choice: It’s a power-loaded word. My heart is heavy. It’s pounding. I’m grieving. And it started with a book. “It’s not their fault. They don’t know what they’re doing.” “But we do. So it’s our fault. And we need to do something.” –The Giver My daughter recently read The Giver by Lois Lowry, and I […]

Mar 212016
When Christian Leaders Fail

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been failed by a leader – and a Christian leader, in particular. Ok. Put your hands down. Yes, all of us have experienced this to some degree. It’s hard. It questions our faith. It causes doubt and suspicions to grow in other areas of life. We find ourselves swaying […]