Apr 042014
Open the Flood Gates. A Book Review

I felt bad for crying at my grandma’s funeral. Like I had failed as a Christian in some way. Why is that? Cheryl Cecil’s book, Open the Flood Gates: Welcoming Grief into Our Seasons of Loss, explores this question.The grieving process is a unique experience. No two situations are alike. She wrote this book to […]

Aug 082013
The Robe: A book review

The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas “Everything belonged to him; but he never owned anything.” THE REVIEW: The Robe was a gripping narrative surrounding the events after Jesus’s resurrection. The characters are vivid, the scenes are memorable, and the message is life altering. It took me a few pages to get into the language, but […]

Show vs. Tell

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Aug 082013
Show vs. Tell

I just finished reading two books at about the same time: Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick is a practical and inspirational application of the Gospel. The Robe by Lloyd Douglas is a historical fiction novel, written in 1942, about the atheistic Roman who crucified Jesus, gambled for his robe, and won, and then […]

Books of 2012

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Nov 282012
Books of 2012

Do you have a line item for books in your budget? At the beginning of this year, I decided I was going to read more than just our school books, and I did! (Not a very hard resolution to keep.) I was asked in another forum to give my favorite 3 books that I read […]

Nov 072012
Marta's Legacy: A Must Read!

Words for Wednesdays I wish I could have meaningful talks with my relatives long gone. My appreciation for history and the people who lived before me is growing greater by the year. I’m not talking about family trees. Those are just names. Shallow and vague. I want stories. Important life moments. Journals. Treasures. While reading […]

Tirzah: A Book Review

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Oct 312012
Tirzah: A Book Review

Words for Wednesdays Sometime Bible characters get stuck in the Bible and all lumped together. When we imagine the Israelites in the wilderness, we smash them into one person, as though with a single voice they cried out, “We want meat!” We forget that they were people, just like us, with individual minds and choices […]

Aug 082012
Lamplighter Ebook Sale

Words for Wednesdays Books that change your life are hard to find. Especially when they were written a hundred or more years ago, and have since gone out of print! If you have spoken to me for 5 minutes about books, I’m sure you’ve heard me rave about Lamplighter Publishing. They take out of print […]