Aug 012012
And the Word Came with Power

Words for Wednesdays A shy girl stranded all alone amidst a tribe of headhunters in the Philippines. Action movie? No. Amazing biography. The story of Joanne Shetler’s life as written in And the Word Came with Power fills you with awe about our amazing God and His Word. As a missionary with Wycliffe to the […]

Overcoming Evil

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Jul 252012
Overcoming Evil

Words for Wednesdays Evil is everywhere. Dark alleys. Terrorist countries. Movie Theaters. And though these places seem daunting, evil is also found at the dining room table, the school bus, and the conference table.  We are surrounded by evil, but God tells us not to be overcome by it. Instead, we are to overcome – […]

Jul 192012
When Your Past Won't Stay There

Words for Wednesdays My blog is called “Reaching Ahead” from the passage in Philippians 3:12-14 where we forget what is behind and strain toward what is ahead. But what if our past won’t stay, well… past? What if it affects our present, and as a result, our future? Putting Your Past in Its Place by […]

Jul 122012
Getting Rid of My Stickers

Words for Wednesdays When Madam Blueberry goes to Stuff Mart, the writers must have been thinking of my love for Super Target. So often, children’s books and movies seem to apply to me more than my kids. It happened again today. Keeping 56 first graders calm during check-out after a full day of VBS is […]

Jul 042012
Same Kind of Different as Me - Review

Words for Wednesdays A poor homeless man. A rich art dealer. They wouldn’t score high on a friendship compatibility test. But in God’s eyes, they were a perfect match. A true story, Same Kind of Different as Meinspired me in ways I hardly expected when I casually picked the book off of my brother’s shelf. […]

Harvest of Rubies

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Jun 202012
Harvest of Rubies

Words for Wednesdays I know better than to start a highly-recommended book at 10 PM, but that’s when the house is quiet, and so this month, I cracked open Tessa Afshar’s book, Harvest of Rubies, after the kids were fast asleep, and I didn’t put it down until I read the last page in the […]

Jun 192012
It's Raining Books!

Teaching Tuesdays Books, books, books! We take a literature approach to history, which means I scour,, and’s used books to find deals on all the books we’ll read during the school year. The ordering has been completed for fall 2012, and now it’s like Christmas almost every day when the mail comes […]