Jul 132016
Are you truly glad?

Life is a mess, nationally and personally, but even in the midst of chaos, we can be truly glad. What are you waiting expectantly for? A raise? A vacation? A day of peace and quiet? New government leaders who can fix all our problems? (Ha… keep waiting.) Friends, we are to be waiting expectantly for […]

Jan 282014
"You feed them."

I recently had a mental freak out moment during the sermon. I read ahead a bit in the manuscript so I could take a break from listening in order to dump what was in my busy brain, freeing me up to focus on the rest of the message. Here’s just a sample of what I […]

Jun 292012

Thoughtful Thursday The housing market might be down, but here’s a deal worth looking into. I was talking to a friend tonight about what Jesus did for us. She just doesn’t feel worthy of that kind of amazing love. She feels like she needs to be a better person first. The conversation rolled around to […]


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Oct 122011

Simplify: That word sounds like a perfect pair of jeans with my favorite soft t-shirt. It’s a cup of tea with milk and sugar and a black and white movie. My heart’s desire to simplify is so that I will be freed up from the clutter of things and activities in order to make room […]

When No One Understands

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Aug 082011

Have you ever done anything with good intentions, but it was misunderstood? Or you really tried to do something well, and it either wasn’t appreciated or it was taken the wrong way? Has anyone ever second guessed your goodwill or judged you for your actions? Yes, there are many times when we sin and our […]