Jul 292011

And today, the final post about Psalm 119. What a gorgeous Psalm about the Word of God! I hope you’ve been encouraged. I have a card that’s called, “Personal Prayers from Colossians” that is on my desk. I think I’ll post next to it the prayers gathered from this Psalm. Today’s post is about how […]

Jul 212011

THE WORD IS… My counselor. Truth. Righteous. Wonderful. Light. The giver of discernment and knowledge. Better than thousands of gold and silver pieces. Settled forever in heaven. Sweeter than honey to my mouth! A lamp to my feet and a light to my path. A joy to my heart. My hiding place and my shield. […]

The Candy Key

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Jul 182011

What is Summer Sunday School with out candy? It is barren, stale, lifeless. It’s an empty void of games and sword drills with no rewards. Competitions with no prizes. That was the huge trial our 3-5th graders were facing this Sunday. The candy was locked away in the closet, and I did not have the […]


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Jul 072011

Blink. It’s a card game I play with my kids. Over the weekend, we had a Blink marathon. It’s a fast moving game, where you match up the numbers, colors, and shapes. I love that even the youngest kids can play. But the whole time we played, I kept singing the song “Blink” by Revive. […]

Jul 062011

[Note: By “Heaven” I am referring to eternity, the new Heaven and New Earth, Rev 21, forever and ever, but it’s easier to just say “Heaven.” 🙂 ] I am allergic to adrenaline. Have I mentioned that? It’s not been diagnosed or anything, but with one exception, roller coasters, I do not like to participate […]

Jun 292011

Do you ever feel like escaping? Running away? Just yesterday I did. It wasn’t for bad reasons or really terrible trials, but I found my heart constantly wanting to flee, and I had to fight to keep it in line. While washing dishes, I had to sing to avoid complaining. While doing laundry, my daughter […]