May 232011

I’m glad that Harold predicted May 21st and that the whole world was discussing the rapture. Really, questions like, “What happens if you’re driving a bus?” and “What happens to my pets” are usually just discussed at a Christian’s Small Group with coffee and brownies. I just wish that instead of talking about the rapture, […]

This Just Isn’t Right

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May 102011

If you were to say to me, “I’m sorry about your grandma,” then I’d reply, “Yes, I’m sorry too.” This just isn’t right.  I hope you don’t mind my transparency as I go through this grief process. I’ll try not to dwell too much, but writing is my way to express the emotions that get […]

Easter Breakfast: Update

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Apr 252011
Easter Breakfast: Update

Last weekend I posted our Easter Morning Breakfast plan. Here’s how it turned out! When I opened the crescent rolls, they smelled funny. My darling husband accidentally bought garlic butter rolls. Oops! I didn’t think they’d taste good with cinnamon and marshmallows! So we used some jumbo biscuits that I had in the fridge. We […]

Apr 012011

Hi! Sorry I skipped yesterday. We have a new little boy from Safe Families in the house, and computer time was, well, not happening. 🙂 I’m taking a break tonight, after they’re in bed, to share a few more goodies. Easter Ideas, Day 3: How about some hands-on fun? COOKIES: Have you ever made resurrection […]

Mar 292011

If you missed yesterday’s post, we’re spending this week finding ways to put the spotlight back on Jesus for Easter. Here was yesterday’s post:  Spotlighting Jesus: Easter Ideas Day 1. Today’s Idea: Memorize a passage of scripture as a family this month. If you have young kids and haven’t memorized anything together before, you can […]