Mar 282011
Spotlighting Jesus: Easter Ideas Day 1

Imagine a dark stage. The heavy scarlet curtain is closed tight, and a man in black stands posed, ready to pull on the golden rope and display the performance. Actors and props gather in hushed excitement. Grown men are dressed in bunny costumes with little pink bow-ties fastened around their necks. White sparkly baskets filled […]

An Inspired Idea!

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Jan 112011

On Tuesdays, while my kids are in a home school class, I spend the mornings studying for my NANC Certification, a Biblical Nouthetic Counseling certification process.  I’m currently working through the open-book theology essays. So what’s my inspired idea?  To share these with you on Tuesdays!  You will get to read the first drafts of […]

Apr 102009
What makes Good Friday good?

This is a re-post from my blog entry two years ago… What makes Good Friday good? Death, blood, thieves, darkness… And why did Jesus have to die anyway? Why couldn’t God have said, “To cleanse yourself from your sin, you must wash in the river.” Imagine that my daughter Abby stole $10 from a store, […]

Bread of Life

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Mar 302007
Bread of Life

I’m going through a book called, “Praying the Names of Jesus” and it has been so helpful. Right now I’m on “Bread of Life” and today’s just struck me. From John 6, after feeding the 5000 and filling their bellies w/ bread, Jesus said, Stop working for food that spoils.Work for the forever food that […]

Belonging and Approval

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Mar 262007
Belonging and Approval

Last night I got together with some High School friends I was in Show Choir with for our 10th year reunion. We went to our school’s choir performance and then out for drinks. What a night! I hardly know where to begin, but it was great seeing everyone and where they were on their journey. […]