Apr 012011

Hi! Sorry I skipped yesterday. We have a new little boy from Safe Families in the house, and computer time was, well, not happening. 🙂 I’m taking a break tonight, after they’re in bed, to share a few more goodies. Easter Ideas, Day 3: How about some hands-on fun? COOKIES: Have you ever made resurrection […]

Mar 292011

If you missed yesterday’s post, we’re spending this week finding ways to put the spotlight back on Jesus for Easter. Here was yesterday’s post:  Spotlighting Jesus: Easter Ideas Day 1. Today’s Idea: Memorize a passage of scripture as a family this month. If you have young kids and haven’t memorized anything together before, you can […]

Mar 282011
Spotlighting Jesus: Easter Ideas Day 1

Imagine a dark stage. The heavy scarlet curtain is closed tight, and a man in black stands posed, ready to pull on the golden rope and display the performance. Actors and props gather in hushed excitement. Grown men are dressed in bunny costumes with little pink bow-ties fastened around their necks. White sparkly baskets filled […]

Mar 082011

It’s Theology Tuesday, and my NANC Counseling Question today is:   Do Christians Persevere? How does this impact counseling? __________________________________________________ Before I dive into this, however, I should briefly discuss the definition of “Christian.” Recently, a friend was offended when my daughter asked why she didn’t want to be a Christian. She asked, “What makes […]

Feb 142011

A couple of weeks ago, our daughter K disobeyed, and I was devistated. Both my husband and I were. It caught us off-guard, and I was in tears, at a loss as to how to handle the situation. I collapsed on the floor and rested against the couch. On my knees. And I realized, this […]

Feb 082011
Miracles, Prophecies, and Tongues

It’s theology Tuesday, and I’m in part 5 of a series of questions on Bibliology for my open-book NANC Counseling exams.  These have not been reviewed yet and are my first take on the subjects.  Comments are appreciated and welcome! Question:  Many Christians today speak of continuing revelation.  Relate this concept to inspiration and sufficiency […]

Feb 012011
Theology Tuesday: If a turtle were on a fence post...

It’s Theology Tuesday!  We’re in part four of a five part series on Bibliology. Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 Compare and contrast the Bible and its authority to general revelation and its authority. We learn about God through His written word, His Spirit, nature, and our consciences.  These different avenues for knowledge, […]