Jan 192012
Husband Prayers: Day 16

Day 16: Praying for His Priorities Lord, You tell us very clearly what our priorities should be:  We need to seek first Your Kingdom and Your righteousness.  If his priorities do not line up with your will, please work on his heart to adjust them accordingly.  If he is putting anything else before his relationship […]

Jan 172012

We are half way through our 30-day journey of praying for our husbands! Today’s is rather long, but I couldn’t leave out any of the verses below. How has it been going? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments or on Facebook. Day 15: Praying for His Reputation Dear Lord, please protect […]

Jan 162012

The Bible is full of verses about our integrity. Take a moment to pray these for all the men God has placed in your life. 14 Praying for His Integrity Dear Lord, I pray that my husband would be a man of integrity. Honest, Trustworthy, Dependable, Faithful. Help him keep his commitments firm and not […]

Jan 152012

Isn’t it great that we can talk to our Creator about the one who we vowed to share our life with? Here’s day 13, praying for the trials in our husband’s life. Day 13: Praying for His Trials Lord, I trust you for all the circumstance in my husband’s life, even the trials. I understand […]

Jan 142012

For the month of January, we are praying scripture for our husbands each day. Join us now on day 12. Day 12: Praying for His Protection Lord, I pray that my husband will dwell in the secret place of the Most High, under Your shadow, our Almighty God. Be his refuge and fortress. I trust […]

Jan 132012

Day 11: Praying for His Health Dear Lord, I pray for the health of my husband. You said you are the Lord who heals us (Ex 15:26), and I understand that there is a time to heal (Ecc 3:3).    I specifically pray for (___________).  Please restore him quickly, and cause your splendor to be […]

Jan 122012

We are 1/3 of the way through our 30-day journey to pray for our husbands each day. How is it going? Are you still with us? Day 10: Praying for   His Choices Dear Lord, please forgive my husband for any bad choices he has made in the past. Give him the humility to admit when […]