Jan 022012

We are on day 5 of our 30 Day Husband Prayer Challenge. Jump on in! Day 5: Praying for His Affection Lord, you tell us that my husband and I shouldn’t be out for our own well-being, but each other’s (I Cor 10:24). Will you help us in this area of affection? Forgive us for being […]

Jan 022012

We’re in the first week of our 30 Day Husband Prayer Challenge. Want to join us? Day 4: Praying for His Sexuality Father, there is so much pressure today on my husband in this area. I pray that you would help him to flee from sexual immorality. Every sin he would commit is outside the body, […]

Jan 022012

We are in the beginning of a 30-Day Challenge to pray Biblically for our husbands. Come join us! Day 3: Praying for His Finances Lord, you know all the details of our financial situation, and I give it over to you. Please help us be good stewards of everything you have given us. Forgive me […]

Jan 022012

We are on day 2 of the 30-Day challenge to pray for our husbands. Day 2: Praying for His Work Dear Lord, please bless the work of my husband’s hands and reward him for his efforts (Prov 12:14).  Please make his efforts successful! (Psalm 90:17)  I pray that you give him wisdom and guidance and […]

Jan 022012
Husband Prayers Day 1

Have you ever wanted to begin praying for your husband but didn’t know where to start? There are many books on the topic, and in order to avoid copyright infringement back in 2008, I wrote my own set of prayers based around Bible verses to distribute to a group of women. For the next month, […]

Because you prayed

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Nov 162011

My heart is full. I read II Kings 18-20 this morning, the life of Hezekiah, a man who was praised above all others. “There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him.” Before or after? Really? Even David? Read what it says about him:  5 Hezekiah […]

Wow, God!

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Nov 082011

Three stooges. Three muskateers. Three amigos. Three Blind Mice. Many things come in groups of three. It’s true for my life as well, as three separate areas are currently pointing in the same direction, leading me to declare, “Wow, God!” 1.) I & II Kings In reading through I & II Kings, I see that […]