Oct 072014
The Snow Keeps Falling

I clean in energetic spurts. And to the dismay of my children, I don’t like to clean alone. So this usually means an energy rush on my end, followed by a “calling all the children!” moment, and an instantaneous smashing of all whines and complaints. After a frantic thirty minutes of running here and there, […]

Waiting to Dive

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Sep 232014
Waiting to Dive

I’m standing on this diving board, Lord, ready to jump in when you blow the whistle. I’ve got my suit on. There are sparkles from the sun dancing along the surface of the clear blue water. I’m just waiting for your cue. I’m a little nervous. What if I’m not a good swimmer? But oh, […]

I am the sunflower

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Aug 132014
I am the sunflower

After an unseasonably long winter followed by a cool summer, I’m beginning to wilt. Bundled in a long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, and jeans, I went to the Indiana State Fair and saw this sad sight: And I thought, that’s a little like me, right now. Summers of Indiana Past, I remember you. Hot, 95 degree days. […]

May 242014
I wish I were different

I’ve been thinking about what I would change if I could snap my fingers and *poof* I’d be different. Not physically like my nose or my arm hair. Or the big things, like “never sin again,” but just the other stuff. (Not a deep post here, folks.) This is one of the things:I wish I […]

Feb 122014
Simplicity - is it just an ideal?

A simple life. Free of clutter. Unnecessary commitments. Unhindered service. No junk. Does this life even exist? We visited a monastery today with our home school group. Wow, they have a lot going for them! It caused me to pause again and wonder why I do what I do. Why I have what I have. […]

Jan 132014
Feeling like I'm on a tight rope

A cold, narrow wire. My bare toes, trying to grip it, arms stretched out, wobbling, balancing, whoa! Easy, there! Don’t fall!   A tight rope that hovers over the pit of sin. A selfish thought, a rebuke spoken harshly, thoughts of despair – they all send me toppling. I fall to my knees, gripping the cable […]