When I’m the Peony

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Jun 212012
When I'm the Peony

Thoughtful Thursdays Have you ever felt like a transplanted peony? I do not have a green thumb, but every once in awhile I go out on a limb and try to attempt something garden-ey. I recently transplanted a peony bush. It was living a wilted, shallow existence in the shade, and I knew a sunnier […]

Mar 242012
A Contract of Friendship

I’ve been musing over I Corinthians 13. What would life look like if as believers, we signed “Friendship Contracts” before entering into a relationship? Perhaps the contract would look something like this. And what would the church look like if we actually tried, by God’s grace, to follow it? A Contract of Friendship, from I […]

Mar 072012

I’m glad I blog. When I first started five years ago, I commented that I had piles and piles of old journals. Things I’d written that no one would ever see. At least with blogging, something might, at one point, be read and help someone else. But in the end, it’s a way for me […]

Feb 162011

My pastor just finished a series titled “The End Is Near.” My family — parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles cousins — have had fun discussing it around the dining room table on Sunday afternoons. We’ve all been brought up with a Pre-Trib Rapture mindset, waiting for the trumpet to blow. I have always thought that I […]

Oct 052010

Our most recent Safe Family boy left today. You may have seen us around with B over the last month. Perhaps you witnessed him screaming and thrashing because he didn’t want to leave Sunday School class. Or maybe you were the man who stopped B from running into the street when he ran away from […]


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Mar 262008

Who am I? Ahh, that’s a good question. According to the experts, I’m an ENFP. In my opinion of myself, the description below fits me perfectly, which explains a lot of my writings. So if you want to know the scoop behind the person writing this blog, here it is: The Inspirer As an ENFP, […]