Jun 182012
When Cleaning is Frightening

Mommy Mondays Cleaning can be a very frightening task. Trust me, I know. While calmly wiping down the bathtub last week, I pushed away the shower curtain to find something brown staring at me. Not even sure of what it was, I screamed, dropping my cleaning supplies and jumping back. Another quick glance showed it […]

Oct 062011
I Bravely Saw Courageous, the Movie

I walked hesitantly into the movie theater last night. I skipped the popcorn, being way too stuffed from our dinner at Texas Road House to enjoy the buttery goodness. I think I had one too many roles with cinnamon butter, but they were so worth it! We took our seats and the previews began. Still, […]

Jul 082011
How to get rid of fruit flies

It’s summer, and with the delicious fruit selection comes the annoying, pesky, hard-to-kill fruit flies. Our house was recently infested with them after an overripe cantaloup sat on our counter. Thankfully, I called in my 10 year old daughter and asked her to make our annual summer fruit fly trap! You might be asking, “A […]