Apr 162015
Are You In?

With two middle school daughters, friendship is a big topic for our late night conversations. Last night, we were observing how there are numerous situations in life where girls (of all ages) can feel like they’re on the outside. There are neighbors who plan events without you. A couple of friends seem to spend a […]

Mar 082015
Re-Booting Easter

Looking through scrapbooks, my son asked on our Easter page, “What does that Bible verse have to do with Easter?” What?! (Insert deep sigh.) Because Easter is about Jesus! I think somewhere between egg hunts, matching clothes, and colored eggs, we missed the JESUS part. It isn’t that we don’t read devotionals, do dramas at […]

Oct 072014
The Snow Keeps Falling

I clean in energetic spurts. And to the dismay of my children, I don’t like to clean alone. So this usually means an energy rush on my end, followed by a “calling all the children!” moment, and an instantaneous smashing of all whines and complaints. After a frantic thirty minutes of running here and there, […]

Jul 252013
81 Activities for Little Kids

While evaluating preschool fun for my 4-year-old this year, I realized he’s already naturally learned his letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, just as Charlotte Mason assured me he would, without a heavy curriculum. (Just don’t tell her that he watched Dora and Leapfrog and played on the computer!) I like to have some one-on-one time […]

Mar 152013

I’ve always been a girl with many interests. I often feel like the dog in Up. “Squirrel!” Projects seem to be mostly my-style. Work on something, see it to completion, move on to the next. Need a drama written? Organize a field trip? Take a few pictures? It is fun. Quick. Over. Next. The long-haul […]