Teaching Thankfulness

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Nov 202012
Teaching Thankfulness

Teacher Tuesdays Is it any wonder that we crowd stores to buy things we don’t really need the very day after we’re supposed to be thankful for what we already have? Today, I wrote a post on College Park Church’s Blog about how to teach thankfulness to your children at Thanksgiving. You can find it […]

Nov 142012
Slowing Down for Christmas

Words for Wednesdays Ever feel like the clock ticks faster between Halloween and New Years? I’d like to live differently this year. I just ordered the e-book, “Celebrating and Savoring a Simple Christmas” that I plan on reading this weekend. The author, Crystal Paine, is the creator of Money Saving Moms, a website that I […]

Nov 032012

I created a Thankfulness Journal for my kids. I plan on having them write out one item per day. For the younger ones, I’ll write it for them. You can download a copy here: http://www.emerickhome.com/hsresources.php Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 182012
When not to sing

Thoughtful Thursdays Is there ever a wrong time to sing? Isn’t music uplifted in the Scripture? The Psalms are full of songs of praise, and a joyful heart is good medicine. But my daughter doesn’t think so. The other day when we were having a heart to heart, I asked her for feedback. She said, […]

Oct 162012
Bringing Exodus Home

Teacher Tuesdays I was recently asked to blog on our church’s website about how to take our current sermon series on the book of Exodus and apply it at home. What a privilege! It just so happens that we’re studying Exodus from the ancient times in our home school right now. I love how God […]