Feb 102018
How big is God?

Can we measure God? Get out your yard stick and consider… “How wide is God?” Further than you can stretch your arms. Wider than the oceans and the earth. Wider than the expanses of the Heavens, past the sun and our solar system. He made it all, and must be wider than all. “How Long […]

Jul 142016
My Daughters are Authors! :)

My daughters are authors! I’m super excited to announce that as of this summer, we have 2 new authors in the house! (Cheers! Applause! Streamers and Balloons!) Both of my girls worked ridiculously hard and completed a novel during the school year. Then they went through the painstakingly agonizing (yet exciting) editing and publishing process. […]

Oct 292012
How to Get Less Comfortable

Mommy Monday As our children sit in “big church” with us, I often forget to talk to them about how we are all, as a family, going to apply what we learned. But last week, I was challenged to do just that for our church’s blog.  Pastor Willson’s sermon was about praying for the nations. […]

Jun 172012

Hi! My blog has a new look, and with the cosmetic change comes an attempt at theme-days for my posts. I guess you could say I’m going to attempt to organize my random thought processes into nice and neat categories. Here’s how it will work: Mommy Mondays: The subject matter will be all things related […]

20 Seconds

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Apr 232012

Thirsty? Last weekend, I was at a conference where one of the speakers (Warren Barfield) described a scene where 600 families all fought for one small stream of water. They’d walk two hours through hot, dusty sand, literally fight to fill up their buckets, and then lug that life-giving liquid home to their families. They […]

Mar 072012

I’m glad I blog. When I first started five years ago, I commented that I had piles and piles of old journals. Things I’d written that no one would ever see. At least with blogging, something might, at one point, be read and help someone else. But in the end, it’s a way for me […]