The Light in the House

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Jun 222017
The Light in the House

The Light in the House – A Short Story of Identity     I stood at the shore, the salty wind in my face. Breath in. Pause. Breath out. Readjusting my back pack, I glanced up and down the coast. Miles and miles of opportunity stretched before me. I had been well-equipped and was sent […]

Jun 102017
What is normal?

I’m pretty normal. At least I feel that way. But I recently took a “How crunchy are you?” test and I scored pretty high. I was surprised. How does a “normal” person score high on a test like that? And as I opened the mailbox this morning to send off my daughter’s molds to do […]

Our God Hears

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Jun 112015

“I feel like God is sending me to the lion’s den… in Washington!” Over the winter, I wrote a children’s production for our Worship Arts Camp about prayer. I had no idea what God had in store through that theme. Numerous events have occurred recently that have (literally) sent me collapsing to my knees. They’ve […]

Feb 212015
5 Easter Scenes for Churches

I’ve released a collection of scenes for Easter titled Why Am I Here: 5 Contemporary Easter Monologues. And for 5 days, it’s available as a FREE Kindle download. The promotion runs Feb 23rd – Feb 27th. Through five stories, contemporary actors ask the question “Why am I here?” on Easter morning as they gaze at […]

Feb 202015
5 Ways to Have a Successful Blog

In order to launch my new website in 2015, I read dozens of blogs and books about how to create an author website, grow a blog, and build a platform. I learned five basic rules: Use catchy titles that promise something to the reader. Include bullet points and numbered lists to encourage them to read […]