Aug 122014
The Magic Ring: 20 Minute Free-Writing

20 Minute Free-WritingTopic: A girls find a diamond ring on the bus GO: Bump. Bump. Bump. Screech. Our yellow bus began to slow near my stop. Carefully peeling my legs off of the hot, plastic bench, I scooted to the aisle. Flinging my backpack over my shoulder, I stood, just as the bus made a […]


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Jan 012014

begin. create. inspire. just start. no fixed plan. enjoying the moment. living here. now. not always there. then. give thanks. relax. breath… enjoy!

Dec 272013
Be near me, Lord. A monologue of Mary

“Be near me, Lord” Monologue, Mary, talking to baby Jesus, after the Shepherds have left 12/24/13 By Becky Emerick SCENE: Mary, in the manger, rocking baby Jesus to sleep. (rocking) Rest, Lord Jesus, little Jesus, my Jesus. Rest. I’ll keep you warm. (Shivers, tucks feet beneath her.)  In here, we’re protected from the cool night […]

Dec 012012
I Wonder: Why Her?

Five Minute Friday Five minutes. No Edits. Just writing.  The word is: Wonder GO Wonder… Cleaning up my kitchen, putting breakfast dishes away, washing the pan, scraping off the remaining eggs…  And the Christmas music is playing. Amy Grant’s melody… “Do you wonder as you watch my face if a wise one should have had […]

Nov 092012
Listening for the Quiet

Five Minute Friday The Word: QUIET A weekly challenge by Lisa-Jo Baker. We all write about 1 word for five minutes. Unedited. Just thoughts. Ready? GO In order to write about the word “quiet,” I had to first go into my room and lock my bedroom door, warning the kids that I needed five minutes […]