Nov 022012
Thinking of My Roots

Five Minute Friday A weekly challenge by Lisa-Jo Baker. We all write about 1 word for five minutes. Unedited. Just thoughts. Ready? GO Roots I’m reading a great book by Francine Rivers called Marta’s Legacy, about a woman in the early 1900s who comes over from Switzerland, and then it follows the life of her […]

Oct 262012
Five Minute Friday: Losing My Voice

Voice (Five Minute Friday: Unscripted. Unedited. Real.) Growing up, I’d lose my voice to Laryngitis multiple times a year. Though I have mostly gotten a handle on my allergies, I got laryngitis as recently as this spring while my family was in Disney World. For someone who talks a lot like me, this is a […]

Aug 102012
Five Minute Friday: Connect

Five Minute Friday Lisa Jo Baker has started 5 Minute Fridays, where friends each write for 5 minutes on the same word. No editing. No pressure. Just writing. It sounded fun, so I’m going to try it, along with my Foto Friday post. Thankfully, I’m a pretty fast typer. 🙂 The word:  Connect When I […]

Tweeting Awesomeness

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Jul 192012
Tweeting Awesomeness

Thoughts for Thursdays   Are you following Paul Tripp on Twitter yet? You should be. Why? Because of awesomeness like this: Now that is using the internet for the glory of God, moving Twitter and Facebook beyond the fluff of what you ate for breakfast and which sports team won. It’s not even possible for […]

Mar 242012
A Contract of Friendship

I’ve been musing over I Corinthians 13. What would life look like if as believers, we signed “Friendship Contracts” before entering into a relationship? Perhaps the contract would look something like this. And what would the church look like if we actually tried, by God’s grace, to follow it? A Contract of Friendship, from I […]

Sep 072011

Gossip. Slander. Exaggeration. Lying. Boasting. Encouraging. Building-Up. Edifying. Great topics, huh? Who doesn’t struggle in his words? The Bible says that if we can control our tongues, we are a perfect man! Our church recently went through a series on the tongue called, “Oh Be Careful Little Mouth.” You can listen to or read all […]

Aug 192011
Book Give-away Winner!

Congratulations to Judi Chesshir, the winner of the give-away contest we had last week. I was Kelly Hagen’s guest author, and we ran a contest for a free copy of Duncan’s Journey: A Little Lamb’s Adventure through the 23rd Psalm. You can read my interview here!