Save 20% on Surrender

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Feb 182011
Save 20% on Surrender

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Feb 112011
Alone Time with Mom

Four kids seems like an army to some, while just the beginning for others. For us, it’s perfect. However, I will say that it can be challenging to make time for all of them. Home Schooling is a huge blessing when it comes to this because I need to do work individually with each of […]

What are you reading?

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Feb 092011

Right now I’m reading a biography on Amy Carmichael. I love her passion. It fascinates me how many missionaries struggle with health issues, and yet they persevere. I can’t wait to read it to my kids I am starting Toliver’s Secret with my kids today. We just finished Johnny Tremain, which was long, informative, exciting, […]

Poem: Our Hope

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Sep 252007

I wrote this back in high school and just found it while going through old papers this week. I had forgotten about it. Our Hope Before roses had thorns, and women had pain, God walked with men.In a Perfect Paradise, free from troubles, God laughed with men. No sadness to mourn, no trial to battle, […]

The Day it Rained

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May 232007
The Day it Rained

There was a mouse who was not happy at home. His name was Renite. He had a roof over his head, family who loved him, and plenty to eat, but he wasn’t happy, so one day he ran away, without even leaving a note. He was glad to be free! He knew he’d find happiness […]

The Real Deal

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Apr 042007

I know that my Savior lives, I’m trusting in His plan, and though it may seem trite and fake, Its just the way I am. Some may never understand the hope I feel inside. Its just as real as all the mess around us world-wide. Jesus is the bread of LIFE and to live with […]