The Light in the House

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Jun 222017
The Light in the House

The Light in the House – A Short Story of Identity     I stood at the shore, the salty wind in my face. Breath in. Pause. Breath out. Readjusting my back pack, I glanced up and down the coast. Miles and miles of opportunity stretched before me. I had been well-equipped and was sent […]

Aug 122014
The Magic Ring: 20 Minute Free-Writing

20 Minute Free-WritingTopic: A girls find a diamond ring on the bus GO: Bump. Bump. Bump. Screech. Our yellow bus began to slow near my stop. Carefully peeling my legs off of the hot, plastic bench, I scooted to the aisle. Flinging my backpack over my shoulder, I stood, just as the bus made a […]

The Day it Rained

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May 232007
The Day it Rained

There was a mouse who was not happy at home. His name was Renite. He had a roof over his head, family who loved him, and plenty to eat, but he wasn’t happy, so one day he ran away, without even leaving a note. He was glad to be free! He knew he’d find happiness […]

Mar 292007
Doo Doo and the Grumpy Giant

Tonight I’ll share another Doo Doo Story that I found rather inventive. Again, the girls helped me fill in the blanks. This is by far the longest one!!! Once upon a time, there was a large, mean, ugly giant who lived in the sky. His ears were so large that he could hear everything all […]

Mar 272007
Doo Doo and the Princess Bugs

The following story was written by my daughters and I as we drove in the car. We each said a sentence and took turns adding to the plot. It has been retold several times, but this is the general idea:Once upon a time there were two princesses, Abigail and Katherine, who decided to go on […]

Mar 242007
A Teeny Tiny Black Bug Named...

My kids and I always tell each other stories. I used to keep Abby from crying in the car when she was just a baby by telling endless tales about all different animals, complete with voices and sound effects. As she got older, she joined the game and we’d go back and forth, adding to […]