Dec 072012

It’s supposed to be Foto Friday or Five Minute Friday, but it’s just going to be Becky’s Ramblings Friday. Is that ok?

It’s been a busy week in our house, with our Christmas Musical for church this weekend. The girls are dancing and I’m acting. And today – nothing but a cup of coffee and sweat pants.

The kids have been inspired by their friends who make Happy Family You Tube Videos, so I dusted off the video camera and they are setting up their Barbies for the big show.

I am making a portfolio for Lee’s Construction Company, and I’ve been going through old pics, trying to locate all of his before/after shots. (Not an easy task). And of course going through old files has taken me down memory lane tangents.

Now, I’m blogging as I print out my favorite Sugar Cookie recipe. It’s delicious. You’ve got to try it. I can’t wait to smell them baking this afternoon!

We were going to go to a neighbor’s party tonight, but I lost the invitation. I called to RSVP, only to find out it’s tomorrow night. Oops.

So that’s my day. I hope your weekend is full of GRACE and memories!



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