Mar 222016

Glow Spiritual Light

What if “This Little Light of Mine” were real? And shiny?

Rattlesnakes see infrared light, and if a mouse is under a leaf, the snake can locate its prey.

Bees detect ultraviolet marks on flowers that guide them directly to the pollen.

As hard as it is to fathom, these opposite ends of the color spectrum are invisible to us. As I try to explain these concepts to my boys, it sounds crazy that there are very real nuances of nature that we are blinded to, but that is the reality of our limited scope of the world.

So in Philippians, when God invites us to shine like lights in the darkness, what if we really do shine?

Perhaps the Spiritual world works on a light spectrum that we can’t see. When God says He’s moving us from darkness to light, maybe we really emit a glow that is invisible to humans but is as real as a lighthouse beacon to God.

Maybe… when He looks down on the world, he literally sees the glow of those who are His. When we are told to let our lights shine, it’s more than a metaphor. And when the spiritual forces roam the earth, they know who are His, because they can see.

It’s fun to think about, isn’t it?

Whether or not this theory is true, we know this: We are urged to shine like stars in the universe against a black backdrop of crooked darkness. So shine today, lovers of Jesus. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit, and live as a child of the Kingdom of Light.


  2 Responses to “Glow: Is there a Spiritual light we can’t see?”

  1. I truly do believe people glow people who walk with the Lord there is a presence about them apiece just to shine about them that brings other believers to them and makes others wonder what is different about them I always pray that may be in my lifetime someone will see that type of glow that would truly represent Christ and not me as a person

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