I forgot that we’d prayed

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Jan 312014
“Do you ever feel like God is saying, ‘Did you see that?”‘ — Lee


I don’t completely understand it.

But last year, God powerfully answered a prayer that I forgot I’d even prayed.

In late September, our church joined up with another large church in the area, and together, over a thousand voices worshiped and prayed for our city, especially the first responders.

As a fire fighter, Lee was surrounded and prayed for by the people around us, and he had two requests:

  1. Safety: At work and home.
  2. His Job: The city was talking about letting go of even more fire fighters by the end of the year. Lee would have been one of the positions cut.


  1. Safety: Lee was miraculously rescued from what should have been a fatal motorcycle accident.
  2. His Job: Funds were “found” and Lee’s position was secure.

The thing is, with all the chaos around the accident, we forgot. We forgot that we’d prayed. I forgot that I stood next to Lee, holding his hand, surrounded by people who loved us and complete strangers who loved Jesus.

Until a friend sent us this photo from that night:

There we are, being prayed over, a week before the accident.

And God whispers to me through my tears, “Look. Remember. Pray. Trust.”

So I humbly bow my head in thanks to the great Creator whose ways are unsearchable and whose love never fails.

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  1. This is awesome, Becky. I am so encouraged!

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