Middle of Mommyhood

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Mar 152013

I’ve always been a girl with many interests.

I often feel like the dog in Up. “Squirrel!”

Projects seem to be mostly my-style. Work on something, see it to completion, move on to the next.

Need a drama written? Organize a field trip? Take a few pictures?

It is fun. Quick. Over. Next.

The long-haul is where I struggle. The daily. The routine.

Ahh, routine. The word itself makes me twitch.

While on one hand I enjoy settling into a new routine, it eventually becomes old.

I was looking at my kids yesterday, and I realized I have a good 15 more years of doing the same thing as I have been doing for the last 12.

Cooking. Cleaning. Teaching them to spell. Reviewing vocabulary words. Laundry.

On one hand, it seems like, well, like forever.

But on the other hand, it’ll fly by.

So I’m happy and sad, excited and mellow, energized and sentimental, all at the same time.

Not a very deep post, but it’s just where I am. Right in the middle of mommy-hood. I’m mostly content. Growing in patience and perseverance. Learning to savor the little times and stick-it-out through the hard times.

Now, off to make dinner and fold some towels. Have a great weekend!

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