Jul 142016

My daughters are authors!

I’m super excited to announce that as of this summer, we have 2 new authors in the house!

(Cheers! Applause! Streamers and Balloons!)


Both of my girls worked ridiculously hard and completed a novel during the school year. Then they went through the painstakingly agonizing (yet exciting) editing and publishing process. And yes, you can buy them, wherever all the cool books are sold.

Unplugged by Abby Emerick


Imagine a world with no rules, parents, or limited screen time. Join Connor and his sister Audrey as they discover a land that is completely different from their small apartment in the busy streets of London. When disaster strikes, will Connor and his sister face the odds and fight, or will they be forced to surrender themselves to the hands, or hand, of a cold conceited Captain and his seemingly invincible metal army? A modern twist on a treasured classic, this book brings a fresh meaning to a child’s dream of never growing up.”

What kid wouldn’t want to read a book with a description like that??

The Heirs of Elysian by Katie Emerick

Elysian Cover1 copy

When the rightful king is overthrown, a power-thirsty ruler claims the crown. With the taxes rising, the laws tightening, and the menacing spies wreaking havoc in the streets, everyone knows something must be done before the kingdom falls into its darkest era. Only one hope remains: Will the young heirs reunite and restore Elysian, or will the kingdom be lost in darkness forever?”

Big kids and grown-ups are loving this book!

So as an author (and their mom) let me just say – these books need reviews. So buy a copy and tell the world how much you or your kids loved it!

Happy Reading 🙂

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  1. I LOVED both their books! They were INCREDIBLE!!!

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