Nov 132015
Here: The best place to be

A letter to Jesus –   Here. It’s the best place to be because it’s where You want me. And to be honest, there never is a There, because when I’m finally there, it will be a new Here. A year ago, I never thought I’d be Here. Even if You’d told me, I’d have […]

Jun 252015
Our Broken Road: Growing with Change

In Heaven, there will be streets of gold. Perfect. Smooth. But that is not the case now. The road outside our country home was broken, destroyed by a myriad of large machines that had driven on it while constructing a bridge nearby. It literally buckled under the weight, splitting in the middle, creating an impassable […]

Our God Hears

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Jun 112015

“I feel like God is sending me to the lion’s den… in Washington!” Over the winter, I wrote a children’s production for our Worship Arts Camp about prayer. I had no idea what God had in store through that theme. Numerous events have occurred recently that have (literally) sent me collapsing to my knees. They’ve […]

May 212015
In His Steps, WWJD - A Book Review

Over a hundred years ago, before Christian Bookstores made bank on the phrase WWJD in the 90’s, Charles Sheldon wrote a book called “In His Steps,” where a pastor asks his church to pledge to do only what Jesus would do for a year. Apparently this book is a best-seller, but I only heard about […]