Mar 212016
When Christian Leaders Fail

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been failed by a leader – and a Christian leader, in particular. Ok. Put your hands down. Yes, all of us have experienced this to some degree. It’s hard. It questions our faith. It causes doubt and suspicions to grow in other areas of life. We find ourselves swaying […]

Nov 132015
Here: The best place to be

A letter to Jesus –   Here. It’s the best place to be because it’s where You want me. And to be honest, there never is a There, because when I’m finally there, it will be a new Here. A year ago, I never thought I’d be Here. Even if You’d told me, I’d have […]

Jun 252015
Our Broken Road: Growing with Change

In Heaven, there will be streets of gold. Perfect. Smooth. But that is not the case now. The road outside our country home was broken, destroyed by a myriad of large machines that had driven on it while constructing a bridge nearby. It literally buckled under the weight, splitting in the middle, creating an impassable […]

Our God Hears

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Jun 112015

“I feel like God is sending me to the lion’s den… in Washington!” Over the winter, I wrote a children’s production for our Worship Arts Camp about prayer. I had no idea what God had in store through that theme. Numerous events have occurred recently that have (literally) sent me collapsing to my knees. They’ve […]