May 212015
In His Steps, WWJD - A Book Review

Over a hundred years ago, before Christian Bookstores made bank on the phrase WWJD in the 90’s, Charles Sheldon wrote a book called “In His Steps,” where a pastor asks his church to pledge to do only what Jesus would do for a year. Apparently this book is a best-seller, but I only heard about […]

Apr 162015
Are You In?

With two middle school daughters, friendship is a big topic for our late night conversations. Last night, we were observing how there are numerous situations in life where girls (of all ages) can feel like they’re on the outside. There are neighbors who plan events without you. A couple of friends seem to spend a […]

Mar 162015
Easter Plan 2015

As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to make sure we filled our Easter baskets with Jesus this year, so to speak. Here’s one step I’m taking. Easter Lapbooks For the next 3 weeks, with my 6 and 9 year old boys we will: Read 2-3 chapters/day in the Jesus Storybook Bible, starting in […]

Mar 082015
Re-Booting Easter

Looking through scrapbooks, my son asked on our Easter page, “What does that Bible verse have to do with Easter?” What?! (Insert deep sigh.) Because Easter is about Jesus! I think somewhere between egg hunts, matching clothes, and colored eggs, we missed the JESUS part. It isn’t that we don’t read devotionals, do dramas at […]

Feb 242015
Blue Like Jazz - A Book Review

A decade after the book rose to popularity, I finally got around to reading Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz. What I liked best was the honest candor he expressed through his experiences. He didn’t speak from a platitude. He talked about his life as though we were having a chat on a ski slope chair […]