Jul 292011

And today, the final post about Psalm 119. What a gorgeous Psalm about the Word of God! I hope you’ve been encouraged.

I have a card that’s called, “Personal Prayers from Colossians” that is on my desk. I think I’ll post next to it the prayers gathered from this Psalm.

Today’s post is about how the Word affects — or should affect — or could affect — my life.

The Word in My Life:
A collection of thoughts from Psalm 119

– I love His commandments and delight to do them.
– I am to delight in His statutes and not forget His word.
– God’s testimonies are my delight, my counselors, my comfort.
– I lift my hands up to His commandments, which I love.
– I sing of His statutes in the house of my pilgrimage.
– My lips utter praise and my tongue sings of His word because He teaches me His statutes and all His commands are righteous.
– Even though trouble and anguish surround me, I delight in His commands.
– Even though others sit around speaking evil of me, I meditate on His statutes and His wonders.
– Speaking my testimony before Kings, I will not be ashamed.
– Stand strong in the word, even though the arrogant utterly deride me.
– I esteem right all His precepts concerning everything, and I hate every false way.
– I weep, my eyes shed streams of water, because others do not keep His law.
– I remember the name of the LORD in the night.
– I meditate on Him during the night watches.
– At midnight, I rise and give thanks to You because of Your righteous ordinances.
– I love the law and meditate on it all day!
– I rise before dawn and cry for help; and then I wait for His words.
– Seven times a day I praise him because of His righteous ordinances.
More About Psalm 119:


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