Jul 232011

Gathered from Psalm 119…
Walking according to the Word established my footsteps, keeps my way pure, and keeps me from going astray.
Treasuring His Word in my heart keeps me from sinning against Him.
God rebukes the arrogant, the cursed, who wander from His commandments.
When I am grieving, the Word strengthens me.
Your word revives me and gives me comfort in my affliction.
Running in the way of the commandments enlarges my heart.
His lovingkindness comforts me according to His word.


It produces reverence for God.
The Word gives me hope.
It gives me an answer for those who reproach me and lie about me and set traps for me.
His word redeems me from the oppression of man.
It provides courage when speaking before rulers.
When I wait for His word, others who fear Him see me and are glad.
His commandments make me wiser than my enemies.
Meditating on His testimonies gives me more insight than all my teachers.
Observing His precepts gives me more understanding than the aged.
Seeking His precepts helps me walk at liberty.
The power of His ordinances sustains the earth, causing it to stand.
Those who love the law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble.
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