Jun 122017

Poor little Duncan of my book Duncan’s Journey is without a publisher.

Tate Publishing decided they didn’t need to pay anyone anything for a long time, that they could just keep all the money for themselves, and well, that’s bad. So they are out of business. And maybe going to jail. (Read more here.)

I have some decisions to make with it. Do I look for another traditional publisher or self publish? Do I reillustrated it with pictures I love? Do I reformat it into an oversized hardback format?

If you’ve read it with your kids, what do you think?

Lots of authors are facing these decisions. For now, I’m trying to sell the inventory I have.

Contact me if you want a limited edition first run copy!

“What is Duncan’s Journey?”

Glad you asked. It is a story of a lamb named Duncan that takes you and your children verse by verse through Psalm 23.

Duncan is a curious little lamb who lives in Bethlehem. He and his friend Birdie share many adventures while exploring the forest, encountering enemies, and going on dangerous journeys. The most exciting adventure of all, however, is the one that leads them to witness the birth of Jesus. Duncan can’t wait to spread the great news!

Bringing the words of the beloved Twenty-third Psalm to life in an easily comprehensible format, Duncan’s Journey is an engaging story that resonates with children and adults alike. Prepare to be charmed by the simple tale of a little lamb who learns just what it means to follow our Shepherd.