Jun 102017
How to be yourself in a world that wants you to be normal.

What is normal?

I’m pretty normal. At least I feel that way. But I recently took a “How crunchy are you?” test and I scored pretty high. I was surprised. How does a “normal” person score high on a test like that?

And as I opened the mailbox this morning to send off my daughter’s molds to do orthodontics at home, it hit me. I’m not normal. Normal people probably go to an orthodontist.

I laughed as I passed my husband watching YouTube videos on how to weld (not normal), my son outside carving a MineCraft Villager out of wood (not normal), and my daughter wearing a college shirt for an at-home university she’s attending in high school (not normal.) It must be contagious!

But what is normal?

Is there even such a thing? Doesn’t everyone have a dose of weird in them?

Girls in the group I lead at church struggle with fitting in and looking normal. Why do we crave the affirmation from the crowd when we are all uniquely designed by God for a specific purpose?

It’s like wishing you were a middle puzzle piece when you were designed to be one of the corners.

My blog sputtered out when I tried to be a writer who fit into a box. “Find your niche.” But that sounds like a normal thing to do.

I’m going to be writing more this summer, but I won’t be fitting into any mold or platform or genre. If you come along for the ride, you’ll be able to see a little more of what makes me weird. And hopefully, together, we’ll be a little closer to who God created us to be.

Let’s go…


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