Mar 082015

Easter1 copyLooking through scrapbooks, my son asked on our Easter page, “What does that Bible verse have to do with Easter?”

What?! (Insert deep sigh.) Because Easter is about Jesus!

I think somewhere between egg hunts, matching clothes, and colored eggs, we missed the JESUS part.

It isn’t that we don’t read devotionals, do dramas at church, and say “He is Risen… He is Risen Indeed” – it’s just that the marshmallow Peeps are way more fun and grab our attention at a higher decibel.

dinosI want to change that.

This year, I’m going to plan FUN stuff to coincide with the resurrection. Most of us already do this for Christmas, but poor Easter has usually taken the back-burner.

Here’s how I’m going to begin:

1. Change the Name. For starters, I want to call it something different than Easter. Easter brings in too many things like bunnies and baskets. Resurrection seems too long. Risen Sunday. Alive Sunday. I’m brainstorming here. Do you have any creative ideas?

2. Start Pinning! My Easter Pinterest board is getting a facelift and is going to be filled with Cross-Centered Easter activities.

3. Read a Book. Are there any lower-elementary books out there that lead up to Easter? I’m going to look, and if I don’t find anything, I’m going to write something. I’ve read Amon’s Adventure to my kids before, but I’m looking for something for the younger-crowd. Is there something you’ve loved?

This is a process, ladies and gentlemen. So stay-tuned as this month develops.


“He is not here! He is risen, just as He said.” Matthew 28:6.

  2 Responses to “Re-Booting Easter”

  1. Great article! Ideas to re-name Easter:

    New Life Sunday
    Alive Again Sunday
    Up from the Grave Sunday

    • Becky Emerick

      Oooh! New Life Sunday – I really like that. And it parallels so well with our new life in Christ. 🙂

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